Accident Lawyer in Real County TXWould you really consider handling an accident claim by yourself in Real County? You’d be surprised, but some folks take a shot at it. Don’t be one of those folks. The accident lawyers and legal staff at Carabin Shaw have the experience and expertise to handle any type of accident you may have been a part of. Our particular strength is personal injury, regardless if it were a car accident or an accident at an establishment. We encourage you to consult with more than one accident lawyer before making your decision. Make sure to pick an accident lawyer that will work diligently for you, offers an initial, free consultation, and works on the contingency that they won’t get paid unless and until you do.

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A top-flight accident lawyer will hit the ground running for you, making sure to collect all the evidence needed to prove without a doubt negligence by the other party of your accident case. Yet, that doesn’t mean if that evidence is available that the case is easily won and the at-fault party forced to pay. The system is set up to confound, delay, and deny these types of claims and cases, so make sure that if you are in an accident in the Real County TX areas that you turn to the exceptional accident lawyers at Carabin Shaw. Our team of expert accident lawyers live and work in the same community you do and truly care about getting you the settlement — and justice — you deserve.

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The best thing about placing a call to Carabin Shaw is that there is zero risk or cost to you. So if you live in the San Antonio and Laredo, Texas areas, why not give us a call at (210) 503-9717 today? Call us for a free consultation, there’s no obligation, and feel free to ask any question you’d like, in fact, we encourage it.

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Premise Accidents: Calling An Accident Lawyer

Accidents in Real County need not only occur on the highway or the workplace for them to be legitimate for compensation. It’s also possible for the accident to happen in other locations not connected to your home or workplace. Unfortunately, the resultant injuries can be comprehensive and life-altering to the victims.

Such accidents are widespread, but in some cases tough to prove; so you have to manage them effectively. Without following the required procedures after the accident, your accident lawyer might have a tough time proving your case. You should comprehend premise accidents and know when you have to contact an accident lawyer.

Premise Liability

Premise liability is an idea of personal injury cases where the accident was an outcome of hazardous or defective condition on someone’s property in Real County. These cases can be hard to prove since liability isn’t really immediately placed on the owner just because you had an accident at the premises.

Another twist is that regardless of the premises being hazardous, it doesn’t automatically mean that the owner was negligent. Therefore, to prove liability you need to show that the owner was fully conscious that the premises were unsafe and disregarded, to do something about it. A simple action of negligence would be failing to put up warning signs that the area is hazardous, or that the tiles are slippery thus needing care when walking.

Since the burden of proof lies with the victim, it is important to maintain the evidence that there was negligence.

Defective Conditions

Defective conditions are risks brought on by bad maintenance and design. For instance, broken pavements, irregular surface areas, and torn carpets can easily lead to tripping that can lead to injury.

Slippery tiles also pose quite a risk for individuals walking in and out of buildings. Poor lighting and absence of handrails also fall into this category. Therefore, in such instances, code and statute violations can be proof of negligence.

Weather-related conditions can also pose an issue. Hence, business property owners are expected to take measures to alleviate these issues.

Easy jobs like clearing snow around the building, sanding or salting the sidewalks, setting up carpets with great grip in addition to positioning appropriate warning signs are actions taken to make the premises safe. Hence, as the victim, your best shot would be to present proof to the accident lawyer that none of these actions were taken.

Comparative Negligence

Real County Accident LawyerIn the circumstances of comparative negligence, an accident lawyer would be your saving grace. Typically, you should be prepared to deal with allegations that you were partly, if not entirely to blame. If this statement is confirmed, then you can lose on a substantial portion of your compensation.

An accident lawyer in Real County TX totally understands these prospective loopholes and depending upon the proof at hand, can successfully argue in your defense, guaranteeing you get the full compensation amount. Such situations take skilled accident lawyers because of the duality of the circumstances.

When You Won’t Get Help

If you were trespassing on the property, no accident lawyer could ever argue your case effectively (unless you are a child). Generally, property owners are absolved from liability in the event that an intruder is injured on their property. No accident lawyer would even take up the case if the evidence suggests trespassing.

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