Car Accident Lawyer in TexasWhen it comes to needing a car accident lawyer in Texas, keep in mind the party deemed to be at fault, their insurance company or representatives, are going to set to work immediately to prepare their delay and deny tactics to confuse and confound you. At Carabin Shaw, we have the top car accident lawyers in the San Antonio and Laredo, Texas areas. We live and work in this community and have your best interests at heart. We want to work for you, diligently, to get you the settlement and justice you deserve. Shop around, but at the end of the day, we’re confident you’ll decide we’re your best option.

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Don’t be fooled by the at-fault party’s representatives once you’ve had an accident and require a car accident lawyer in Texas . Even if they claim they’re gathering information in order to help you, they’re not. Their interests are to deny, delay, or uncover anything to lower the amount they’ll eventually have to pay. So time is of the essence following an accident and you’ll need an advocate fighting for you. At Carabin Shaw, we’re your best chance to make sure you’re protected and have a top-notch car accident lawyer fighting for you from the very beginning. Don’t let the system keep you from the settlement and justice you deserve.

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Time to Hire a Car Accident Lawyer

Car accidents in Texas happen spontaneously, with no warning. They occur in their millions annually, with the majority of people opting to solve the compensation cases by themselves. Nevertheless, unless you understand how insurance companies work, you may be looking at an uphill task getting the right compensation. You should also note that there are statutory time limits where one can file for compensation.

If there is substantial damage to the car, and injuries to the occupants then the very best option is to employ a car accident lawyer as soon as possible.

Confirming Whose Fault It Is

It is very common for the individual who causes the accident to deny that they are at fault. At this juncture, your car accident lawyer will work with you to ensure that you get compensated. Some states utilize a “comparative fault” system which can make the terrain much more difficult to navigate

An effective car accident lawyer in Texas has comprehensive knowledge of the traffic laws, and from the police records and witness accounts, they can argue on your behalf effectively. It takes a skilled lawyer to examine fault, an ability most motorists’ lack.

The degree of the injuries will also determine whether you require legal assistance to claim compensation. However, to be safe, a medical report should first be acquired, where the medics will advise whether it is something that will progress over time.

Long Payment Process

It is irritating for accident victims when an insurance company takes too long to process the claims or perhaps lessening the payment. In most cases, after submitting medical expenses to the insurer, the company pays.

Depending upon where you live, the at-fault driver’s insurer will be responsible for the payment. However, states that operate with the “personal injury protection,” it’s the victim’s own insurance provider who pays. Regardless of which system your state uses to manage insurance claims, a car accident lawyer should be proficient enough to understand the insurance laws and represent you effectively.

There are uncommon circumstances where the insurer rejects that the accident victim had the particular insurance coverage to cover the settlement they are claiming. It’s also possible where the insurance provider contacts the accident victim, requesting for a statement. The article takes a look at how these circumstances can present a nightmare for the victim.

Non-Existent Policy

Texas Car Accident LawyerAs highlighted, it is possible for the insurance company in Texas to invalidate the insurance policy either through rejecting the presence of the insurance plan or claiming a statement from the victim.

You are recommended to never provide a statement without the assistance of your car accident lawyer considering that it is possible for the same statement to be used against you at a later date. Without knowledge of insurance and traffic laws, it is possible for the accident victims to find themselves in a double-bind that gets tighter as the case advances.

Saving Grace

At such circumstances, your car accident lawyer would be the saving grace. Through negotiation and courtroom experience, the lawyer is able to decipher the bind you would have found yourself in, ensuring you get the complete compensation that you deserve. Car accident lawyers are also quite easy to find nowadays, so there is no real reason you should lose out on your compensation in case of an accident.

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