Personal Injury Attorney in TexasTrust. It’s such an enormous component of the relationship cultivated between a client a personal injury attorney in Texas. If you don’t trust the personal injury attorney working for you following an unfortunate accident of some kind, then the relationship is doomed and a positive result should not be expected. At San Antonio’s Carabin Shaw, we encourage each of our clients to check us out, ask any and all questions, and trust that we will not stop fighting for you. To keep it simple, we don’t get a dime unless and until you do. Still, we want you to receive the justice you deserve for sustaining an injury through no fault of your own.

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A personal injury attorney in Texas can also be known as a trial lawyer or plaintiff attorney. Each of the excellent personal injury attorneys at Carabin Shaw is uniquely and completely qualified to handle even the most complex of cases. Keep in mind, it requires special education, training, and experience to be a personal injury attorney as they fall under U.S. civil and tort law. Our team of exceptional personal injury attorneys has the knowledge and experience to provide you with the justice and the settlement you deserve for your personal injury. Let us worry about the case and the process while you focus on recovery.

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Please, it’s recommended to speak with more than one personal injury attorney before choosing one. Since you’re on our page, we’d like you to consider us. At Carabin Shaw, each of our personal injury attorneys works and live in the San Antonio and Laredo, Texas areas. So call us for a free consultation today at (210) 503-9717.

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Why Contact A Personal Injury Attorney Fast?

Many people in Texas wait until it’s far too late to take any reasonable action before they contact a personal injury attorney. A personal injury attorney should be among the first people you contact after the accident (after the police or health care personnel, of course).

Quick action to have your injuries documented along with acquiring evidence of negligence will help the attorney to process your case. Sustaining life-altering injuries are stressful, but the situation can be worse if one loses the opportunity for compensation.

Do Not Wait Too Long

It is better to speak to a personal injury attorney as soon as possible instead of later (after medical costs drain your financial resources). Most personal injury attorneys charge a contingency fee for litigation services the earlier you consult and establish your chances of getting compensated, the better.

Getting the attorney’s services in Texas and pursuing the demand for settlement should be done as close to the accident as possible, but not later than the statutory time limit set by the insurance company. The majority of statutory limits end at around three years after the accident, while for a lot of insurers the time limit for filing claims is one year.

This length of time depends upon the assumption that you have had the time to receive the required documentation like police and medical reports. This time also permits you to find a good attorney to manage the case.

Rogue Insurance Companies

You are advised not to talk with an insurance company without a personal injury lawyer representing you. This is since when the wrongdoer contacts their insurance provider, the insurance company will call you and attempt to talk about the accident. Insurance providers aren’t your best of friends. They will keep an eye out for the possible loopholes to ensure you get paid as little as possible.

In worse cases, insurers have been known to deny that the client had a policy that covered personal injury. They can also obtain statements from unsuspecting victims and later on use loopholes in it to deny liability or perhaps utilize it against the victim. Such actions to deny one justice can be distressing to anybody, far more an injury victim.

Time Frame

Texas Personal Injury AttorneyAs noted, there are statutory time limits to consider. While a year or two looks like a long time, recovery from psychological and physical injury will make that time seem like a short time. Once you have exceeded the statutory time frame before filing for claims, your attorney will not represent you no matter how good you believe your case is.

The personal injury attorney in Texas will decline a case that is nullified by the time limit. Regardless of how much paperwork you have, no court will admit the case if the statutory time frame is surpassed before filing a claim.

Increase Your Possibilities

Never wait too long. There are legal limitations on how long you can wait before you can file for the claim. Therefore, you have to find a personal injury attorney long before you even discover what the statutory time frame is for your state. Investigations need to be done and the required witness testaments recorded and thought about long before the time lapses.

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